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Heya all,
 i went to the  tw_meetupat Glasgow Collectormania today... er yesterday... and met Gareth David Lloyd, and Paul McGann

Gareth is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Paul is Fantastic!!!!!
 full report under cut, 
warning i asked some fangirl JANTO questions which he answered about series 2, if ya dont wanna know what he said, just look at the pretty pics instead!

 Click for major squee fest and Paul and Gareth Picspam Collectormania Glasgow 


Glasgow Collectormania

Saturday August 25th
Well Ianto is gonna be at Glasgow Collectormania, adn so is the lovley 8th Doctor, adn i'm going too!!!!!!!
check out the Torchwood Meet up post about it!


Its gonna be FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!
Who wants to go???


dark arts?

why be against the Dark Arts? they are cool, after all!


welcome to Mad Wizards

Hellooo all who aproach
this is the site to be on for being a mad Wizard in the North East`!

collectormania this weekend!

see ya all there!

Green Festival

are you going? i'll be there all sunday, but not saturday as i'm working. they might have the broom making man again, and i can get an upgrade? my poor old Cleansweep is looking a bit battered! :)

May. 20th, 2006

HI All 
Welcome to the Mad Wizards of Newcastle,
The first meeting was on Tuesday 16th May 2006. the third tuesday of the month, national Harry Potter meet up day. 
the power of three
Our Aim - To seek out like minded people, who love Harry and Friends, who want to meet up, talk about, watch the films, and visit the locations.

Come Join us if you want to. 
see our website.